Art Nouveau Masterpieces of the Met

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New York is home to many incredible museums, with a wealth of inspration! None is more impressive and comprehensive than the Metropolitan Museum of Art. When researching for our latest collection, a visit to the Met was a no-brainer!

The Arts and Crafts Movement came about in response to the industrial revolution. Although there were many advancements in production and commerce, many longed to return to simple craftsmanship and quality materials. This early example is a collaboration between William Morris and some of his contemporaries. It features several great geometric patterns and makes great use of pattern mixing!

ic: Artist Collaborating - British 1861, Phillip Webb, Sir Edward Burne-Jones, Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co.
William Morris may be best remembered for his pattern designs. The Strawberry Thief's enduring popularity is a testament to Morris's visionary aesthetic and modern sensibility. The Met is fortunate to have an early block print on display.
ic: The Strawberry Thief - British, 1896, William Morris
Organic shapes and natural elements continue in Art Nouveau. This swirl vase by Christopher Dresser looks like it would be right at home in 2022! The stunning, newly reopened British Galleries feature many delightful examples of vases and other decorative arts of this period.
ic: Clutha Vase - British, 1888, Christopher Dresser
The atrium of The American Wing is a must-see showpiece of The Met, as well as a welcome rest stop with a cafe and ample seating. It's a lovely spot to take in the beautiful statues and stained glass pieces. One fine example is this curvaceous, vine-adorned figure by  Harriet Whitney Frishmuth.
ic: The Vine - American, 1921, Harriet Whitney Frishmuth
Louis Comfort Tiffany was an important figure in the Art Nouveau and Aesthetic movements, and enjoyed wide acclaim in his lifetime. This dazzling fountain once graced the Tiffany Studios Madison Avenue showroom before being installed at the Met.
ic: Water Fountain - American, 1918, Louis Comfort Tiffany
There's so much to discover at the Metropolitan Museum of Art! 
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