Color Forecast - Spring / Summer 2023

Spring / Summer 2023 is sure to bring us balmy and bright colors. Pastels with a punch will still feature, along with sultry, warm toned neutrals.
Plumager® can recolor any print to suit your needs.
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SS23 - Beaming BrightsSS23 - Hyper PastelsSS23 - Mellow Neutrals

Plumager® can help you find the perfect prints for your next collection!
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  • Thank you, really top notch work. It was very good to read through these before browsing the prints. I found the prints to be really high quality, can’t wait to see more.

    Evelyn L.
  • definetly going to see a lot of pastel colours, I’m sure of it! I found these boards very useful. I will look to them when choosing pantone colours for my company. thank you

    Gio B.
  • Great concise break down of the trends, very helpful! I cant wait to see all these beautiful colors out there

    Sandra Sommers

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