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Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week is rising and competing with the bigger capital fashion weeks. However, Copenhagen Fashion Week boosts a much-needed change in the fashion industry. The shows that are put on from this year have shown many influential insights and new perspectives that can help the fight to make the fashion industry more sustainable.


The key insights from these shows are:


Covid-19 has seen fashion shows be cancelled, postponed, and forced online with a digital audience, instead of their usual crowds and rows of seats filled with influential people. For most of us we have only had the luxury of watching fashion week online after each designer released their collections.

However, by putting these shows online or creating a hybrid approach allowing designers to choose how they present their new collections can be the future by using a digital approach they can see a reduction in their harm on the environment.


Typically, sustainable fashion and lifestyles have had a minimalistic approach to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Bright colours and eccentric styles are very rarely seen in an environmentally friendly collection. However, Copenhagen fashion week has shown just how we can be sustainable and explore our eccentric and maximalism styles while still doing our bit for the environment. Designer Nikolaj Storm has proven that sustainable fashion can still be bright, full of energy and exciting while doing good, his collection ‘’Techno Tea party’’ bolstered patterns and luminescent colours and won the Zalando award for sustainability.       


From the Copenhagen fashion week, it was a key theme that the younger generations and new designers have the climate crisis on their mind, and it is being displayed in their practices. They have found ways to embed sustainability in their brands not just their clothing. The new and younger designers are showing that major changes can be completed in short amounts of time when really focusing on keeping a brand ethical and following a roadmap for commitment each brand aims to follow.


Here is a look at Plumager®’s founder Danielle and Design Assistants Amy and Katie's favourite collections from Copenhagen fashion week.

Stine GoyaStine Goya

Stine Goya’s collection never disappoints in the aspects of  unique, bright, and colourful patterns. The pairing of abstract, florals and geometric creates a bold and calming look throughout.  The palette avoid luminescent colours however features relevant earthy tones and more muted shades of lilacs, blue and oranges.

Baum und PferdgartenBaum und Pferdgarten

This collection has an aim of fun personal expression while keeping sustainability at its key mantra. Their collection has a fun and playful aesthetic while incorporating a tailored look of uniform blazers and structured tops. Baum und Pferdgarten works with geometric prints in a classic colour palette of orange, greys, lemons, and hues of purples.


Brøgger collections has an understated elegance and modesty among it. The light fabrics had a breezy flow to them, creating dramatic silhouettes that are flattering and tasteful. Pastel soft colours of orange, yellows, mint, and lilac make a feminine design through the use of light tie dye.

Henrik VibskovHenrik Vibskov

The collection by Henrik Vibskov highlighted classic styles and silhouettes alongside a darker colour palette with flashes of lemons and pastel blues to add light. Henrik Vibskov collection showed lots of geometric prints with a 70’s style to it.


Marimekko’s collection takes a different direction from the other ones as it follows a more oversized floral and abstract style. Each print focuses between darker palettes contrasting with a grassy green, pale blues, corals, and the palest pinks. Each silhouette has a boxy oversized feel to it which coordinates nicely with the style of prints allowing them to blossom on each design.

Plumager Fashion Textile Print Trend Blog

The Plumager® Team

Plumager®, Inc. is a New York based surface design studio, providing ready to use, royalty-free licensed artwork for commercial use. Plumager®’s print offering mixes digital and traditional media as well as inventive techniques to achieve innovative new looks.
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  • This is new to me! I love finding new designers to watch I love fashion!

    Emma Cairn
  • love it!

  • Happy to see more about CPHFW! There are many great labels doing innovative things and they deserve a bigger platform in the world.

    Freya M.

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