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Making the Most of Basic Patterns

Making the Most of Basic Patterns

Basic prints are a great investment

Shop Plumager® Basic Prints

A collection of well set up basics can be a great foundation to your design process. Plumager's basic prints are neatly set up and easy to edit. We hope that you will be able use them again and again and they will become the basis of many great creations.

Find our Basics pack with 5 easy to adjust prints HERE.

Each print is neatly clipped into its bounding box. Simply resize the entire print to the desired repeat size in the Transform Panel.Hot To Resize PatternIndividual pattern elements can be selected without ungrouping or entering isolation mode, just grab the Direct Selection Tool and click in the center of an object. Shift click to select multiple objects. Recolor the pattern in your own way.How To Recolor ElementsIt’s easy to resize pattern elements consistently using Transform Each. Find it in Object > Transform > Transform Each, or use the key board shortcut Command/Control + Option + Shift + D.

For instance, a dot print is easy to resize for very different looks. Try a big bold polka dot to a tiny pin dot.How To Resize ElementsYou don't need to resize the Horizontal and Vertical dimensions by the same percentage. Resize a stripe using Transform Each, but only adjust the horizontal scale. Remember, simply rotate the pattern 90% for a vertical stripe!How To Resize HorizontallyA live stroke can be adjusted to be thicker or thinner. Change the stroke width in the Stroke Panel.How To Adjust StrokeTo create a new pattern fill from your new variation, simply drag the entire artwork to the Swatches Panel. There's so much more you can do! We can't wait to see what you will create!How To Create Pattern Swatch

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  • This is so helpful! I’ve been looking all over for a guide like this. I downloaded the basics pack and I can’t wait to get started designing!!!

    Tinsley Stewart

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