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Plumager® Perfect Plaids - Why Precision Matters

Plumager® Perfect Plaids - Why Precision Matters

Make sure it's perfect every time!

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Plaid fabric is a classic choice that can elevate any look. While plaids are originally woven, today many are also printed to avoid the high cost of dyeing yarn, or to allow printing on a variety of materials.
ic: Traditional woven plaid
Even high-end brands often produce substandard printed plaids. It’s especially noticeable in a bold, large-scale print. Discerning shoppers will notice. 
ic: Irregular shapes and spacing is obvious at a large scale
The clean simplicity of plaids is deceptive. It can actually be quite difficult to create a precise and even plaid design for printing. It seems each company has a different inelegant and time-consuming solution. Some are also raster, making them difficult to edit and resize and print with sharp lines.
ic: Bad Plaids! Uneven spacing and awkward transitions lose the clean beauty of plaid
You work hard to craft great products for your customers. Don’t ruin them with a poorly executed plaid! Plumager’s large collection of Perfect Plaids are all precise and flawless.
ic: Even lines and flawless transitions, a Perfect Plaid!
Each Perfect Plaid from Plumager is built with a separate warp and weft, simulating the uniformly spaced threads of a woven plaid. The crossing of each produces crisp, clean and, even intersections bearing the iconic “houndstooth” shape every time.
ic: The difference is clear: precision matters!
It’s simple to to make adjustments to your plaid. Drag the print out from the swatch box to the paste board and double-click to edit. The horizontal (warp) and vertical (weft) color bars are separated into groups, so it’s easy to selectively recolor. Just click on each individual bar and choose a new color. A simple color change can dramatically alter the look of your print.
Plumager’s Perfect Plaids are vector and mathematically perfect to the finest decimal point. Scale your plaid repeat from the size of a postage stamp, to the side of a building without loss of resolution or imperfections. No matter how you apply your plaid, your products will look flawless.

"Design is as much an act of spacing as an act of marking." - Ellen Lupton

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Plumager can also work with you to create a custom plaid. Contact us to get started!
ic: Charlie Check - PLPL2089
ic: Placid Plaid B - PLPL2016
ic: Plaid to the Bone - PLPL20100
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