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It can be difficult to achieve the soft, blended transitions of traditional dye techniques in commercial printing, especially when recoloring is required. There may be some attractive options out there, but they don’t always meet the performance standards for mass production!

Advances in digital printing make it easy to print just about anything! Digital fabric printing works similar to the inkjet printer at your home office. The designer's chosen colors are created by blending together primary color inks, such as Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black. There is no need to separate artwork into spot colors or screens. To emulate a real tie dye, one could simply scan a piece of dyed cloth, create a repeat and send it to the printer!

But what if the colors need to be changed, especially if a color standard, such as a Pantone color is needed? Color changes are typically handled by indexing the print into tiny dots of a limited number of spot colors, one for each screen. However, these tiny dots can give away the printing process and look fake. 

Have the best of both worlds with a meticulously crafted tie dye print from Plumager®. Our innovative tie dye prints capture the details of the real thing, yet are set up in easy to edit layers⁠. Digital or sublimation printing produces a smooth, convincing effect.

Each Plumager® tie dye is separated into layers for easy edits and adjustments.

Layers make Plumager® Tie Dyes easy to edit

Recolor however you like, your Plumager® tie dye print will still reproduce beautifully whether digitally printed or screen printed. Color standards are easily applied for consistent printing.

Plumager® Tie Dye prints are easy to recolor

A mix of actual dye elements and realistic textures combine in digital artwork simulate a realistic hand dyed look. It may be difficult to tell the difference!

Most Plumager® tie dyes are large scale and half drop repeat to help achieve the look of a real tie dyed garment. A poorly laid out print will ruin the effect!

Don’t wait to add this popular trend to your next collection, browse ready-to-download options, or contact Plumager® for a custom tie dye!

Read more about what's included with each print.

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