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MSGM are an Italian design house formed in 2009, combining fine traditional tailoring with sportswear fabrics and finishes. They are known for being true to their Italian heritage as well as their streetwear aesthetic. 

MSGM’s 2023 resort collection has a different approach to their usual colour vibrancy. This is due to their creative director Massimo Giorgetti having a moment of awakening from reading “The Possibility of an Island". The plot reveal was that there was room for redemption in a harsh reality of a world. From this Giorgetti has transformed from a “dystopia state to a utopia state” which is reflected through the latest collection too, going from a state of distress to an ideal society, which is easier said rather than done. The collection of 2023 channels the inner youth’s escapism and shows a one-way trip to an imaginary state and endless summer illusion. Moving away from MSGMs typical sporty aesthetic, they transformed into a feminine, polished collection, which still worked in the MSGM typical design, but took it to the next level of euphoric, sun-infused vibes.

MSGM Resort 2023 Tropical Check Print

This collection featured rich, vibrant, tropical prints, tie-dyes, and reworks of previous collections to enrich the traditions that MSGM have worked hard to create. The collection of colours formed into the palette enhance the idea of endless summer by following a luminous selection of emerald greens, sunshine yellows, and a sorbet of strawberry and mango hues which not only are bright, cheerful tones but also refreshingly delightful in the summer. With a forward focus on sustainable materials MSGM choose a palette that could be described as fresh and youthful. Keeping on par with the sorbet style colours the collection featured palms and fruity prints. A few of the final pieces of the collection did feature a black and white approach, keeping them monochrome or toned down in colour choices in comparison to other items in the collection. 

MSGM Resort 2023 Tie Dye Print

This collection was created together with the input of Irish multimedia artist Yuri Pattison, who had their work displayed and seen in Giorgetti's up and coming showcase for creatives. Pattison's work using lysergic-degrade video images was the inspiration behind the resort collection for this year. It inspired the colour palette and the hints of black throughout the collections.

MSGM Resort 2023 Abstract Tie Dye Print

The overall make up of the collection consisted of tailored suits in bright colours and tie-dyes, paired with netting, frill tops and chiffon dresses. The print mash-ups created major juxtapositions across the collection as they paired tie-dye jumpers and striped wide leg trousers. It is a collection which harmonises together to make pieces which all match, but are bold and maximalist. 

MSGM Resort 2023 Print Mixing

Overall, MSGM has been a strong performer, and one of our favourites year in and year out. Even by changing their typical aesthetic MSGM have continued to produce collections which are vibrant and true to their values.

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  • Cute stuff! So sad summers over! :(


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