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Trend - Spring / Summer 2022

SS22 - Florals, Ditsy DreamsSS22 - Floating FloralsSS22 - Garden PartySS22 - Moody BloomsSS22 - Glow GardenSS22 - Florals, Illustrated TracesSS22 - Into the GardenSS22 - Vivid BloomsSS22 - Fifties FloralsSS22 - Retro Flower PowerSS22 - Geometric, Bold RetroSS22 - Bright BasicsSS22 - Paisley, Lovingly CraftedPatterned PaisleySS22 - Optical AbstractSS22 - Graphic GlitchSS22 - Monochrome AnimalsSS22 - Eclectic AnimalSS22 - Animal ConversationSS22 - Island GetawaySS22 - A Night at the MuseumSS22 - Collage CollectiveSS22 - Florals, Botanical ArtSS22 - Virtual StripesSS22 - Tie Dye
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