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Plumager® Print Design romantic flower meanings in fashion and textile prints and patterns

Say it with Florals - Romantic Meanings of Flowers

As we get ready for Valentine's Day, we can't help but turn to romantic floral prints. Besides being pretty and romantic, flowers can convey a message, even when used in a textile print. Say it with florals! We look at some popular flowers and their meanings.


Daisies symbolize innocence and new beginnings and give your print a sweet, youthful look. This adorable pink daisy print dress from Rodarte is perfect for a first date!

ic: Daisy print by Rodarte


By far the first flower that comes to mind when we think of romance, roses symbolize love! This bold rose print dress from River Island is a classic Valentine's Day look.

ic: Rose print dress by River Island


Among other meanings, the anemone can symbolize forsaken love. This beautiful robe from Flora Nikrooz pairs Anemones with other flowers in pretty bouquets.

ic: Anemone bouquet dress by Flora Nikrooz

Morning Glory

Morning Glory symbolizes love, affection, and longing. Morning Glories make for a beautiful, graphic print on this Johanna Ortiz dress.

ic: Morning Glory print dress by Johanna Ortiz


Carnations can have different meanings based on their color, but overall they symbolize pride and beauty. This striking dress from Dolce and Gabbana definitely gives both!

ic: Carnation print dress by Dolce and Gabbana

Ready to let a floral print do the talking? Contact Plumager® for a custom floral print that says all the right things!


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