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California Calico - PLDM2058

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* Additional colorways are shown here to inspire and demonstrate the versatility of the print. For the sake of simplicity, they are not included in the download. If you'd like to use one of the additional colorways, let us know and we can provide it to you.


All print downloads come with an unlimited royalty free commercial license, so you can get started on your project worry free. Read more about our licenses here.


All print downloads from Plumager® are production ready and easy to work with! 

Each print includes a print production page in .ai and PDF formats, with scale and color callouts. Send it right to your printer or factory, or use it to make adjustments as needed. 

Print Production Page


A Repeat swatch is included in multiple file formats. Any of the following may be included in your download.


A tiff is a high-quailty file format that can be indexed or layered. Use the tiff file to recolor or edit your print in Adobe Photoshop, or to drop into objects for a high-quality presentation in Adobe Illustrator. A tiff can contain all the same information as a psd, but offers lossless compression, and is easier to preview and open in different programs.


A psd is a native Photoshop file. Similar to a tiff, but without the flexibility and compression.



A png is a flat file that can support indexed color, as well as transparency. With a smaller file size, a png is great for quick previews and CADs.



An .ai is a native Adobe Illustrator file. An .ai repeat swatch is included with vector prints. Use it to make changes to the artwork and edit colors.



A PDF is a great way to exchange files between programs and users. A pdf swatch is included with vector prints. It may be preferred when working in vector editing programs other than Adobe Illustrator. 


Repeat Swatch
License artwork with Plumager®, Inc.


Plumager®'s Exclusive License grants the licensee unlimited, exclusive rights to reproduce the downloaded artwork. The print will be removed from our library after purchase, never to be sold again. 

Choose a unique, exclusive print from Plumager® to help your products stand out from the crowd!

Please review our Exclusive Licensing Contract prior to downloading files.

Exclusive Licensing Contract
Vector Artwork by Plumager®, Inc.


Plumager® vector prints are production ready and easy to recolor and scale. Edit in Adobe Illustrator (or comparable program).

Vector artwork is resolution independent, so it can be scaled to any size while maintaining crisp, clean edges.

Learn more about Vector Artwork

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